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What is the length of time for the Eviction process in Florida
What is the length of time for the Eviction process in Florida

There is no set answer as to how long the Florida Eviction Process takes in the State of Florida but there are several factors that are instrumental in determining when the process will begin and end.

Uncontested Evictions

When a Landlord files a standard Eviction for Possession (non-payment of rent or hold-over Tenant) that is uncontested (the Tenant does not defend the lawsuit) in the state of Florida, the general time period for the Eviction process is usually about three (3) to four (4) weeks.

If the Tenant does not respond after being served with an Eviction Lawsuit, the Eviction becomes uncontested.  By failing to respond to the Eviction Lawsuit after the required five (5) day period, the Landlord will file for a Motion for Default and a Final Judgment will likely be entered by the Judge.  Thereafter, the Sheriff will be directed by the Judge to execute a Writ of Possession allowing the Sheriff to sweep the property and the Landlord to change the locks at the property.

Contested Evictions

A contested Eviction may take a long period of time.  If a Tenant hires an attorney to defend against the Eviction and the attorney files paperwork with the court that has legal merit, the Florida Eviction Process will likely take slightly longer than a month.   If a Tenant is being sued for failure to pay rent, the Tenant is required by the summons that they are served with to put the past due rent into the Court Registry and monthly rent when it becomes due during the remainder of the legal action.  Hiring an attorney to defend an Eviction can be highly effective in delaying the Eviction because the Court will likely set the matter for mediation within two weeks.

Therefore, it is extremely important that the Landlord follow the requirements under Florida Statutes, Chapter 83 to avoid any delays in removing their non paying or hold-over Tenant.   If you are a Tenant that is being Evicted and believe that you have defenses to the Eviction, it is vital that you retain an attorney that can properly defend you against the Landlord’s action for removal.    If you have questions about the Florida Eviction Process, contact your Broward County Eviction Attorneys and Palm Beach County Eviction Attorneys at 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC today @ 954.323.2529.

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How Long Does the Eviction Process Take in Florida?

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