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When Can A Landlord Evict A Tenant In Florida?

When does a Landlord have the Right to Evict a Tenant in Florida?
When does a Landlord have the Right to Evict a Tenant in Florida?

A Landlord’s Right to Evict Tenant in Florida occurs when the following take place:

(1) Tenant has failed to pay rent when it is due

(2) Tenant has committed a non-material violation of the lease, or

(3) Tenant has remained in the property as a Holdover Tenant.

Tenant Has Failed To Pay Rent When It Is Due

They are responsible to pay rent every month.    If they fail to pay on the agreed date, the Landlord can commence eviction proceedings by first serving the Tenant with a Three (3) day notice.  If they fail to pay or vacate the property, the Landlord can file the Eviction.

Tenant Has Committed A Non-Material Violation

Although they must pay their rent on time, they can still be removed if they violate the lease for non-monetary reasons. These include but are not limited to:

(1) Allowing unauthorized occupants to live in the property without the Landlord’s consent

(2) Intentionally causing property damage to the residence

(3) Knowingly bringing drugs into the property or committing crimes at the property etc.

Unless the non-material violation cannot be cured, the Landlord must provide the Tenant with a Seven (7) Notice to Cure the Violation. If the Tenant fails to cure. they have the right to file an Eviction.

Tenant Is A Holdover Tenant

If they continue to remain in the property after the expiration of the lease without the Landlord’s consent, the Landlord may commence an eviction.  While they have the right to remove the Tenant through an eviction, the Landlord can recover double rent for the period of time the Tenant refuses to vacate.

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