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Evicting a Tenant without a Written Lease

Evicting a Tenant without a Written Lease
Evicting a Tenant without a Written Lease

Are you Evicting a Tenant without a Written Lease? Believe it or not, many Florida Landlords and Tenants today still memorialize their Landlord-Tenant rental relationship with a handshake.

Many Landlords in Florida have Tenants that pay them on a monthly basis but they never entered into an actual written lease with the Tenant.  Under this scenario, if the Tenant continues to pay rent on time every month to the Landlord, the Landlord will not be able to evict them for reasons strictly related to the payment of rent.   In light of the Tenant paying rent timely every month, the Landlord still has the right to the terminate the lease.

Florida Statutes  allows a Landlord to terminate a lease if they provide the Tenant a fifteen (15) day notice stating that the month-to-month tenancy will terminate at the end of the month.   This notice must be given fifteen (15) days prior to the end of the next rental period.  For example, Therefore, a Landlord cannot give a fifteen (15) day notice to the Tenant on 18th of the month that the tenancy is terminated on 31st of the month.   This is a great tool for Landlords that no longer want the Tenant residing in their property.

Evicting a Tenant without a Lease may seem simple, but it is imperative that a Landlord follow the proper procedures when Evicting a Tenant without a Lease.  954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC provide Broward Landlords and Palm Beach Landlords with experienced and aggressive representation that they deserve in evicting a Tenant without a Lease.   Call us today at (954) 323-2529. We have a Lantana Evictions Location and a Coral Springs Evictions location to better serve our clients.

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