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Eviction Lawyer West Palm Beach

Eviction Lawyer West Palm Beach
Eviction Lawyer West Palm Beach

Everyone knows that the Eviction Process is not a happy one.   Although it can be stressful, sometimes it is a necessity for Property Managers and Landlords.   Incessant illegal Activity, late and non-payment of rent, and physical damage to the property are all reasons to hire an Eviction Lawyer in West Palm Beach.

954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC are a group of experienced Eviction Lawyers in West Palm Beach and South Florida that provide representation to Landlords facing any of these issues.   Don’t be taken advantage of! We strongly advise that you consult our office before attempting the eviction process alone.   There are many steps that must be followed strictly.   Allow your Eviction Lawyer in West Palm Beach to handle the process from beginning to end.

The services that we offer to Landlords in West Palm Beach include but are not limited to:

  1. Eviction in West Palm Beach for non-payment of rent or partial payment of rent;
  2. Eviction in West Palm Beach for damage to the Property;
  3. Eviction in West Palm Beach for non-monetary breach of the Lease;
  4. Preparation of Residential and Commercial Leases; and
  5. Defense against Tenant Actions against the Landlord.

At 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC, we assist Tenants and Landlords through all stages of the Eviction Process as well as review all potential leases. If you are a Tenant facing an Eviction in West Palm Beach FL, or a Landlord that needs to evict a non-paying tenant or a tenant that is violating the lease, please contact us or call us today (954) 323-2529. We are here to help. Let us be your West Palm Beach Eviction Attorneys.

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