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Florida Apartment Mold

Florida Apartment Mold
Florida Apartment Mold

Are you a Florida Tenant that is suffering from Florida Apartment Mold? As a result of the climate in South Florida, mold develops in many Tenant’s apartments. It’s just a fact of life, but it doesn’t mean that you should have to live in this and with this health and safety hazard. Many Florida Landlords simply ignore your requests to remove the mold and fail to take any responsibility. Unfortunately for Florida Landlords, this is their responsibility most often under your Florida Lease and Florida Statutes. 

While it is the responsibility of the Landlord to remove the mold from your apartment, do not withhold rent from your Landlord just because they are not responding to your requests. Many Tenants make the mistake of believing that because the Landlord is not abiding by the terms of the Lease and removing the mold, that withholding rent is the option. While ultimately withholding rent may be the end result, there are SPECIFIC PROCEDURES that MUST be followed in Florida before a Tenant can withhold rent.

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