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Florida Lease Termination With Vacating Property

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Florida Lease Termination With Vacating Property

What is Florida Lease Termination With Vacating Property? When a Landlord files a Florida Eviction against a Tenant, there are two separate actions they can take in their Florida Eviction Complaint. They can sue for possession of the property only OR for possession of the property and past due rent. If a Landlord has knowledge that a Tenant has vacated the property, but did not pay the past due rent, the Landlord cannot sue for a Florida Eviction, but rather a Florida Breach of Contract Action seeking a remedy of Damages or some other Florida Cause of Action, but not a Florida Eviction. If a Tenant terminates their Florida Lease by vacating the premises, it is extremely important that the Tenant informs their Landlord. Although the Tenant may still be in violation of their Florida Lease, it will help to prevent the Landlord from filing a Florida Eviction action against the Tenant for possession of the property. In these days and times, a Florida Eviction on a record can be detrimental to a Tenant finding a new place to live.

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