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Florida Writ of Possession Help

HELP! I just received a Florida Writ of Possession. Do I have to leave my home immediately? Many Tenants will receive a Writ from the Sheriffs office during the final stages of an Florida Eviction. This states that you have twenty-four (24) hours to vacate the premises. While it is true that the Sheriff will return, it is usually between forty-eight to seventy-two hours if the Tenant is located in Broward County due to the backlog.  The process in Palm Beach County is usually quicker.  This process is further outlined in Florida Statutes, 83.62.

                                                     Can I Fight a Writ of Possession

What does this mean for you as the Florida Tenant? If you have valid grounds to stay the Writ, you can file an Emergency Motion with the Court. It is then up to the Court to determine whether they will grant it and provide you with a hearing. If the Tenant is the prevailing party at the hearing, the Writ may be stayed (delayed). It is recommended that you consult with a Florida Eviction attorney.


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