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Broward and Palm Beach Landlords Can Collect During Pandemic

Broward and Palm Beach Landlords Can Collect During Pandemic
Broward and Palm Beach Landlords Can Collect During Pandemic

Unless you have not paid attention to the news in the last six months, you know that Landlords have struggled during this Pandemic.  On the other hand, Tenants have received assistance from the Federal and State Governments.  While it provides temporary relief, they still are responsible for the past rent. Therefore, if you have questions about how Broward and Palm Beach County Landlords can collect during the Pandemic, contact 954 Eviction Attorneys at 954.323.2529.

Understanding Broward and Palm Beach Landlord Rights During the Pandemic

The CDC order prevents Landlords from evicting Tenants for non-payment of rent.  However, this is not absolute.  Tenants must show that they have been affected economically by Covid-19. If they are unable to, they can be evicted.   In addition,  Landlords can sue for past rent and receive a Judgment.   This allows them to get a Judgment for the rent that is owed.  Most are not aware of this. As a result, Tenants are negotiating to avoid eviction and having a Judgment.  Some are even vacating during the case.  This allows the Landlord to rent to a new Tenant can pay.

Broward Landlords have experienced financial loss during this pandemic.  As a result, some have sold their properties while others have gone into Foreclosure.  While the order prevents some from removing their Tenants, they can still obtain a Judgment for the amount owed.   The Order does not prohibit Evictions for Commercial and Holdover Tenants.

How Adding Damages Affects Tenants

Tenants that have experienced economic effects from COVID-19 can remain until December 31, 2020 if they sign the CDC form.  While it prevents them from being evicted, they are still liable for past rent.  If their Landlord includes a count for damages and obtains a Judgment, they are subject to wage garnishment or their bank accounts frozen. More importantly, if they try to move after December 31, 2020, the Judgment appears on their record.  Therefore, they should try to settle the past amount to avoid the consequences.

Although the Order has affected the Eviction Process, Broward and Palm Beach County Landlords can still collect during the Pandemic.  Contact 954 Eviction Attorneys at 954.323.2529 to learn about your rights.