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Can I Evict A Tenant That Is Damaging My Property?

Can I evict a Tenant that is Damaging my Property
Can I evict a Tenant that is Damaging my Property

A Landlord’s Investment property is important to their Income and Retirement.   However, maintaining it can be a full time job.  While a Tenant right’s to reside begins upon signing the lease, they are bound by strict laws.  Therefore, if you need to evict a Tenant that is damaging your property, contact 954 Eviction Attorneys at 954.323.2529.

How Can A Landlord Evict A Tenant That Damages Their Property?

A Tenant’s right to reside is not without restrictions.  Florida Statute specifically outlines their duties to the Landlord.  If they are violated, a Landlord can commence an Eviction.  Prior to filing a Lawsuit,  they must send them a 7 Day Notice to Cure or Terminate.    If it is not fixable as well as not intentional, they need to give them an opportunity to cure it.  Accordingly, it has to be minimal for a Tenant to be able to repair it.

On the other hand, if they intentionally cause damage, they can be removed without the opportunity to cure.   As a result, the Landlord can send them a 7 Day notice of termination.  If they fail to leave, they can bring an action to remove to them.

How Does A Landlord Prove That The Tenant Caused The Damage?

While they may believe that they have an easy case to remove the Tenant, it can be difficult to prove in Court.  The Judge will require them to provide pictures of the property before and after the destruction.  In addition, they will have to prove that the Tenant was the cause of the destruction.  Since they provided them a 7 Day notice of Termination, they need to substantiate that the destruction was not curable and it was intentional.   While it may be a high burden to prove, representation of Experienced Eviction Attorneys will give you the best shot of removing them.

If you are a Landlord in South Florida that needs to Evict a Tenant that damages your property, contact 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC at 954.323.2529.