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Don’t Have A Written Lease With Your Tenant In Florida? This May Be Better For You

Don't Have a Written Lease with your Tenant in Florida This may be better for you
Don’t Have a Written Lease with your Tenant in Florida This may be better for you

There is a misconception among Landlords that they need a written lease with their Tenants.  While their rights are more defined, the benefits of an Oral Lease to a Florida Landlord can be beneficial.  If you are a Broward or Palm Beach County Landlord and have questions about the type of lease that is more beneficial, contact 954 Eviction Attorneys at 954.323.2529.

How Can An Oral Lease Benefit A Florida Landlord?

A written lease that lasts a year has historically been used by Landlords and Tenants in Florida.  It outlines their rights and obligations and contains Florida Statute.  This can be beneficial to Landlords because they are bound to a period of time that cannot be disrupted.  On the other hand, an Oral Lease is less restrictive allowing a Landlord more flexibility.

Most oral leases tend to be month-to-month.  This means that a Landlord can terminate it at anytime if they follow procedure.  In addition, they do not need a reason to end it.  Accordingly, as long as they give 15 days notice prior to the beginning of the next rental period, the lease will be terminated.  Further, a Tenant will not have any defenses to stay past the the termination date and will be considered a Holdover Tenant.  In other words, if they remain, they will not only be evicted, but will be liable to pay double rent for every day they stay.   As a result, they can be sued for damages as well as possession of the property.

An Oral Lease can also be beneficial economically.  Unlike a written lease, a Landlord can raise the rent in a much shorter time.  Generally, they have to give a month’s notice.  It also allows them to remove a Tenant that they have a volatile relationship with. While they still have to proceed with the Eviction, they can rent the property to a new Tenant much quicker.

If you are unsure about the Benefits of an Oral Lease to a Florida Landlord, contact 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC at 954.323.2529.