Coconut Creek Tenant Mold

What happens if I find mold inside my apartment in Coconut Creek or any city in Broward County Florida?

Coconut Creek Mold in Residential Unit
Coconut Creek Mold in Residential Unit

Coconut Creek Tenant Mold? If you’re a tenant in Coconut Creek FL or any city in Broward County and you find mold in the apartment that you are renting, you have rights under Florida Law.   Florida Statute 83.51 outlines the responsibilities of the Landlord to maintain the property. If you find mold in your apartment, you are required to give the Landlord notice under Florida Statute 83.56 that mold is present. The Landlord has seven (7) days to remove the mold from the apartment. If they fail to do so, you have options under Florida Statutes.

If you are a Tenant and have found mold in your apartment, contact 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC today at (954) 323-2529. The Attorneys are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to answer all your questions.   Your Coconut Creek Tenant Mold Attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in protecting tenants against mold.

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