Conducting Tenant Due Diligence Saves Future Headaches

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Conducting Tenant Due Diligence Saves Future Headaches.

As a Landlord in Broward, renting to new Tenants can be a stressful experience. We recommend and would like to remind all Landlords that Conducting Tenant Due Diligence Saves Future Headaches.  It’s impossible to know with 100% certainty that your new Tenants will pay the rent on time and not destroy your residence.

However, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your investment. Have prospective Tenants complete a rental application that addresses concerns such as a credit check, Tenant background checks, Tenant background searches, rental history, and income verification. Make sure that you and your Tenants properly sign a valid written Lease Agreement, with all Tenants signing the Lease and being held jointly and severally liable if there is a default. The Lease must clearly state the rights and obligations of both Tenants and Landlord regarding the Lease term.

Additionally, obtain copies of drivers licenses or other identification that contains relevant information such as birth dates and social security numbers, as such information will be helpful if you must file Broward Eviction. We also recommend always taking a rental security deposit. It is important to know that as a Landlord you can refuse to rent to a prospective Tenant, but the reasons for refusal must not be discriminatory. While it is impossible to guarantee that your new Tenants will be trouble free and pay rent on time, the above mentioned processes can help to alleviate problems.

The experienced and aggressive Broward eviction lawyers of 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC are here to address all of your Broward County Fl Landlord Tenant Needs. We also can assist Landlords in conducting Tenant background checks, Tenant background searches, and drafting Florida leases that are tailored to each Landlord’s individual needs. Call us today @ (954) 323-2529 to set-up an appoint.

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