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Florida’s Eviction Summary Procedure

Eviction Lawsuit, Eviction Procedure, Florida Statute 51.011
Eviction Lawsuit, Eviction Procedure, Florida Statute 51.011

We are always asked how long does Florida’s Eviction Procedure take in Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding Broward County Courts? In a typical Florida lawsuit a Defendant has twenty (20) days to respond to a complaint, however if that complaint is a complaint for Eviction for Possession, the Defendant/Tenant has five (5) business days to respond. The five (5) business days do not include weekends or legal holidays.  In addition, the day of service is not included when calculating the five (5) days.  Florida Statute 83.21 explicitly states that the landlord, the landlord’s attorney or agent is entitled to the summary procedure as provided in Florida Statute 51.011.  This shortened period to answer the complaint in Florida is called Florida’s Eviction Summary Procedure.  The reasoning behind this shortened time frame is that time is of the essence in eviction matters.  The Tenant/Defendant may be squandering or damaging the residential property and there is a sense of urgency to resolve the matter and remove the Tenant as soon as possible.

In addition, it goes to reason that if a Tenant does file an Answer or Motion to Determine Rent, a hearing will be expedited on the court’s calendar pursuant to Florida’s Eviction Summary Procedure.  It is important to calendar all dates in an eviction as the time frame is very important. Please be advised that the aforementioned procedure describes after proper notice has been served and an Eviction Lawsuit if Filed.
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