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How long does the Eviction process take in Florida

How long does the Eviction process take in Florida
How long does the Eviction process take in Florida

The length of the Florida Eviction Process depends on several factors. A standard Residential Eviction for Possession that is uncontested in Florida likely takes between three to four weeks. In Florida, Eviction proceedings for removal can be conducted under Summary Procedure, Florida Statutes 51.011, which is an expedited process for Landlords to remove Tenants quickly.  Summary Procedure shrinks the traditional time for filing a response to Complaint in Florida from twenty (20) days to five (5) days.

An Uncontested Eviction is when a Tenant does not respond after being served with an Eviction Lawsuit.  If the Tenant fails to respond after five days, the Landlord will file for a default and then the Judge will likely enter a Final Judgment.  Thereafter, the Judge directs the Sheriff to execute a Writ of Possession.  If this process goes smoothly for the Landlord,  three to four weeks likely brings the Eviction process to its finality.

If a Tenant hires a Eviction Attorney and the Eviction becomes contested, the Florida Eviction Process can sometimes take longer than a month.   If a Tenant is being sued for non-payment of rent, the Tenant is required to put the amount of rent that they believe is owed into the Court Registry.  This can delay the Eviction process as well.    Therefore, if you are a Landlord in Florida and are trying to remove your Tenant as quickly as possible, it is very important that you strictly comply with the Florida Eviction Process and its Requirements.  If you are a Tenant that is being wrongly Evicted, it is important that you retain an attorney that can properly defend you.   If you are unsure about the Florida Eviction Process, please contact 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC today at 954.323.2529.  We have Eviction offices in both Broward and Palm Beach County we serve all 67 counties throughout the entire State of Florida.

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