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How to Evict A Boyfriend In Florida
How to Evict A Boyfriend In Florida

Many Homeowners allow a boyfriend or girlfriend to reside with them.  In many circumstances, they are not paying rent and do not have a lease.   Unfortunately, the relationship can fall apart and they no longer want them in the property.  Can a Homeowner evict them at this point?  This article will explain how to Evict a Boyfriend in Florida as well as a Girlfriend or Family Member.

Contrary to the general thinking, when a Homeowner wants to remove a girlfriend or boyfriend that does not have a lease and does not pay rent, the proper action is an Unlawful Detainer.  Although the goal of an Eviction is to remove a Tenant, an Unlawful Detainer does not result in their removal.  Accordingly,  it removes an occupant that does not have a lease or pay rent.

Filing a Florida Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit

For the purposes of an Unlawful Detainer, the Homeowner is not a Landlord.  They are the owner of the property.   Distinguishing between an Unlawful Detainer and Eviction is important because if they file an Eviction, it can have disastrous consequences.  In other words, the Court may dismiss the case.

If you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or family member living with you that does not pay rent and do not have a lease, contact your Florida Unlawful Detainer Lawyers of 954 Eviction Attorneys, PLLC @ 954.323.2529.  Our team will facilitate the removal of a boyfriend or girlfriend or family member from your property.