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The Landlord-Tenant relationship is governed under Chapter 83.  Before they can evict a Tenant, a Landlord must comply with the following:

  • Serve the Tenant with Written Notice;
  • Serve the Tenant with a Summons and Complaint;
  • File a Motion for a Final Judgment;
  • A Writ of Possession is posted.

If your Landlord is trying to evict you without complying with the above procedures, they are breaking the law. In addition, there are actions that a Landlord is prevented from taking.

Prohibited Practices

To force a tenant to move, Landlords shut off water, electricity or gas, or change the locks on the door. Accordingly, this is illegal(see Florida Statute 83.67). If your landlord tries to make you move by shutting off your utilities, changing or removing the locks on your home, removing doors or windows, or taking your property from your home you should call the police and and a qualified and experienced Eviction lawyer.

Florida law states that a Landlord who attempts these practices may have to pay three months’ rent. You will have to take the landlord to court to get this (known as “damages”), but if you win, the court can order your landlord to pay your attorney’s fees and costs.

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